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The world is a husk of its former self, the mighty cities that stood as monuments to human ingenuity now lie beneath an ocean of sand. For two centuries the planet has been consuming itself, burnt by the sun's rays and abandoned by almost all of its denizens, those that remain are dying with it. The groups of roving nomads and small tribes beset upon by war chiefs and their gangs, some fall to the deserts heat or the dry storms of the salt flats but all find their way to an unmarked grave.

It was not always this way; there was a time when this land was a place of prosperity and hope. Fields of green stretched as far as the eye could see, the murderers and thieves were kept behind metal bars and people like us were protected from the likes of them. But then something changed, something that the Annals-of-the-old-times refer to as 'the slow descent', a shift in the natural order of things that created this barren hell that exists today. The Annals, hidden in the old towers, speak of a purpose that humanity once had, a goal that we strived to achieve. Now we only have on goal, one thing to strive for.

Our tribe is failing, war chiefs hunt us and it seems the very desert works against us, many of us have fallen to dehydration and starvation and only a small number remain. In this world, your life expectancy can be measured in days.

And ours are nearly up.

Red Desert is a top down shooter/RPG in which you roam a vast desert, seeking a new home after your tribe is murdered by one of the many gangs that inhabit the sands.


Vast, randomly generated open world

The world of Red Desert is huge. At the start of a new game the desert is generated, using a combination of 6 biomes.

Weapon Customisation

Piece together a weapon from found parts, dropped by enemies. Find unique parts, and collect complete sets for large stat bonuses.

Randomly generated gangs:

Up to 25 gangs inhabit the desert, each with a randomly generated name, logo and colour. Living in a random place on the map, with a randomly sized territory. Take out their stronghold and kill the Warlord to eliminate them from the map.


Twin-stick shooter with auto aim, RPG elements, shields and a cover system.


Red Desert.

Rocky Hills


Dry Seabed

Ruined City

Salt Flats



Gang Members


Salt Ferals

More to come.

Level types:

The level would usually be confined to a building or number of buildings, with either a linear way through for story segments, or multiple ways through for a less-linear design. These buildings include houses, factories, washed up ships and boats, buried skyscrapers, office buildings, lighthouses, stadiums, old forts, hospitals, underground bunkers and more.

These could be inhabited by gang members, raiders, cannibals or settlers like you, just trying to survive.

***Sorry it's been so long for this update. Been fixing a lot of issues and bugs, and not really creating anything new to show. At this point however all the pieces are nearly in place, which means I can focus on creating actual game content such as levels, narrative and story elements, new art, new enemies. Fun stuff.***

Thanks for taking the time to check out Red Desert! Let me know what you think. I'll try to get back to updating every Monday again soon.