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Didn't finish it. Got bored of getting one nugget of new information in between the tedious repetition and then having to sit through another loop because the options are so vague and confusing. I'm guessing at this point the big reveal is that the eyeball dude is the spirit of a gingko tree, but it got too tedious to find out.


- Track what the player has already said and mark those options. The initial prompt and what he actually says afterwards are often barely related and it's easy to get stuck in tedious repetition, unsure of what you said before.

- Haha, silent taxi. The same every  time. No. If there is some reason to keep bringing it back other than as a gag, I missed it. If there is progress to be made here, I don't see it, and if it's useful for later, then only bring it back when it has potential to lead to a new outcome.

- Music mixing: the brief transition into another song every time he gets out of the car is really disruptive  and doesn't seem to add much. Would be much better with a continuous soundtrack, perhaps even adjusting to your own progress.

- Text wrapping: the first word on each line briefly appears on the previous one, before being wrapped onto the next. Progressive-text-reveal-effect mistakes 101.

Good effort, decent art style, but too many usability mistakes for comfort.


I agree ! It was taking too long to find new informations and I got bored, a nice game in general but it got long at some point.