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This is good for just 3 minutes. Having 3 minutes to "clean" the way you live by hiding or really cleaning your home is a pretty cool idea. By the end of the game we get criticized by our mom, and we can get better at this until we get an great rank like A+, but this game has minor bugs that it needs to reset when it happen. Doing a reset could have an option to skip, even if the dialogue is short.

A minor bug that I found: When I went to clean the floor, the character slip a little to the closet ( this probably can happen with the wardrobe),  when this happen I couldn't make any action and needed to reset.

My note to this game: 8/10

The game is pretty fun in just 3 minutes in gameplay, I'm surprised it was made in 72 hours. However this game could have a more outside the gameplay, I would expect a menu or the character chatting while he cleans the room.