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Superheroes ITD (The most Placeholder of Placeholder Names)

A FitD game about Superheroes being Super and Being Heroes. Who are you behind the mask? What is the mask? Does great responsibility really come alongside great power?

SitD is my love-letter to the Superhero genre. It's the superheroes game I've always wanted to play in, which I never got to play. So I made it. It's currently in early development, with first drafts of most rules and playbooks made, and I'm currently just starting to wrap up a first playtest with my gaming group. 

Some of the changes I've made from standard BitD are

  • 9 skills instead of 12. 
  • Resist rolls are made at +1D, which makes resists a little more reliable than standard BitD, which fits with the genre
  • The Crew is replaced with the Super Team
  • Vice is replaced with Alter-Egos. Instead of burning off stress by indulging in your worst impulses, characters reconnect with their human selves to relax, to ground themselves, and to regain perspective on why they're Heroes.

Current Playbooks are

  • Prodigy - The Prodigy is just a regular person, doing extraordinary things alongside extraordinary folk. They’re good at pulling off unlikely solutions, and standing against unreasonable odds.
  • Technocrat - The Technocrat uses their scientific know-how and vast resources to fight the good fight. They excel at pulling apart situations to find the best way through, and charming the uncharmable.
  • Blessed - The Blessed is a mystical warrior with powers and gifts right out of myths. They’re good at fighting epic threats and protecting the helpless.
  • Super-Charged - The Super-Charged overflows with barely restrained power. They’re great at overwhelming their foes and [ Something related to XP triggers]
  • Calamity - The Calamity is a powerful creature, changed into something bestial by their powers. They excel at acting aggressively and understanding people’s motivations.
  • Interloper - The Interloper is a mystic, separated from humanity by their dark and unsettling powers and by an arcane curse. They’re good at finding unconventional solutions and investigating for hidden knowledge.
  • Prototype - The Prototype is a manufactured being, created to surpass humanity, but turned to the purpose of helping them instead. They excel at inspiring through advice and example, and enduring difficulties.

And the Team Playbook, The League,  a team built from established heroes joining together to fight a greater threat, one beyond themselves.