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Well well, from the point of view of a Submachine lover...

... I was kind of disappointed. The game is nicely drawn, but the game mechanics are totally hard and I would need to spend weeks to win the game without looking for help. There are some locations where you would never imagine an item should be put, at the latter game you have so many items you don't even remember what they are, many important rooms are hard to remember... And the game engine does not help you at all. To make notes, you need to use an external notepad, even when you have the note in your inventory :| ... There are many bonus items, but they mostly do not have any use - I remember Submachine was full of bonus rooms that were really nice to visit. Lastly, the story... I didn't really fell pulled into. The intro and outro were very scrappy and a story during gameplay really wasn't there at all... remembering awsome notes about Mur etc during Submachine...

I'm not saying the game was bad. Just there are too many mashups for my taste.