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Children of Water and Land

A softly Lovecraftian game hacked from Honey Heist (@gshowitt), in which you play as Deep One hybrids, with lives and families on land but a family and home waiting for you beneath the waves as well; by the end you will decide whether to balance your life between the two, or disappear into the water forever.

The game itself is 2 pages long, with a 3rd page consisting of random tables for any GM and players who want a little help figuring out what kind of game they want to play. The framework should be suited for any kind of game, from slice-of-life all the way to heists, high-speed chases, and battles. It should be playable with as few as 2 people (one GM and one player), but can support as many players as the GM feels like running the game for. You can download the txt file for free, or get the somewhat prettier and easier to read pdf for $3.