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Let me tell you about Xianna'fan!

She is a purple Twi'lek thief (it's a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game) who only ever wears a smuggler's trenchcoat that has pockets that defy all known physics. She was born on Ryloth shortly before the Seperatist Crisis/Clone Wars. Her father was captured during this time leaving her mother to raise her and her sister. Her mother was a mechanic and worked with the resistance and when Xianna was 15 the Empire arrested her mother. Xianna wanted to leave Ryloth and gathered enough money for her and her sister to buy passage on a ship, but her sister stayed behind last minute to join the resistance herself. 

9 years later and Xianna has made a living as a thief, mostly cat burglaries. She does too many party drugs and avoids her feelings at all costs. She's been arrested a handful of times, and even remembers a few! She once was arrested because during a job she got stuck in a doorway with her then girlfriend/partner who was a herglic (a big ol' whale species).  Recently she got in some trouble for seducing both partners in a marriage in order to gain access to their valuables. She's lost some toes in an airlock incident,  has been officially declared dead by the Empire, and has acquired a few definitely-not-Sith artifacts. 

She is a mess and trash and I love her.