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I am also liking the fact that some of the Mistresses and female slaves are 'easy' and some are very hard to get. I love the progression. As I move into Chapter 2 , the Matron has my total attention! Though I still haven't cracked the locks of Ka'sarr (?) the pale-skinned one. Challenging and pleasantly frustrating! I also am totally smitten by Druuna, that was really unexpected. I was not expecting a fellow slave to be a female dominant, and just so naturally so. She's amazing. Very well drawn character. I also really liked the joint combat scenes with the Mistresses and with Druuna. It would be nice to have feedback from the women re those combat scenes. (eg I did nearly all the fighting with the Mistresses on Guard, but then their dialogue says I did nothing- fine if that's just them being arrogant and dominant of course!)