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This was my first solo journaling game, and I have to say that I'm in love. The rules were simple and made sense- I really appreciated the color-coding of the card suits. It made it much easier to flip to the right section. The story unfolded beautifully and I swear the cards were conspiring to fit events together into a narrative that was not only cohesive, but effective. This game is pretty atmospheric when played by nightlight!

I did mod the rules a bit because six cards on one day felt like too many events to realistically happen in 24 hours (and I kept rolling sixes). I went by feel instead; when a day felt like it was over, I decided it was. I otherwise played as written and had a lovely three hours doing it! Amazingly, my character made it out alive, albeit not unchanged. My Jenga skills came in handy. Definitely looking forward to playing again.