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Let's start this week's devlog with an Amarok image pack:


This is what we did in the past week:

  • activated optional text within zoom zones
  • added more cutscenes in the control room
  • updated the Star Map with edited text
  • updated animations of Cain Phoenix in the chair
  • optimized scene loading
  • did some end scene graphics polishing

We also had some QA friends come over and do their magic on the complete build, and they were so incredibly thorough. We now have a lot of technical feedback to go through and fix, which will take a while. Well, we were counting on this.

Next week, we will work on

  • eliminating the bugs found by the QA team
  • adding Steam achievements to the game
  • comprehensive in-house beta testing of the final build
  • updating the remaining in-game text with edited text
  • additional sound effects and music