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Thanks a lot! looking forward to hear more about your game :)

1. example scene: do you mean something like a tilemap example? (Tiled) I can do this during the next days :)

2. no earning limit. you can change and use it. the only thing not to do: resell it as assets/artwork by itself. 

hope that helps! If there is any question left, please ask :)

With example scene I mean what you say, a tilemap example. The fifth screenshot (l3Klu8.jpg) would be great and if you create another would be awesome (the more examples the better, specially for not an artist) but may be too much time consuming. That's why I say with the fifth screenshot would be more than enough and looks incredible big that map. I've zoomed that map but it is hard to distinguish the tiles. I assume it is already created at higher resolution.

Thank you Sam.

Hey. the example is live. Link to the devlog

Please note: The example only uses some tiles of the whole set. Since it was made for a game of myself, never released I cut the tileset in parts for better loading. However, every tile in the example is included in the HUGE set. For basic understanding how the assetpack can be used, this should do it. if you got further questions, feel free to ask.


Great update Sam!! Very helpful indeed and very appreciated. I'm curious about a couple of things:

1. What are those semi-transparent rectangular white regions?

2. What was your game about?

Thank you a lot Sam.

You're welcome.

1. The rectangles are areas defined for the code of the game I made.
For example something happens if the player enters a certain area.

2. Secret ;) still working on that game (not using the assets)