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This is a pretty cool and weird point and click adventure game. The art style is perfect for the bleak world, and the story is told in the form of still images like comic strips. I have to say this game is more than just a simple story about a world with no color. I at least took a small underline message that could be translated to everyday life. The fact that the world may look bleak and gray. Doesn't mean there isn't color out there to find. You just simply have to look for it, and when you do. It can really change your world. Again that's just me but I rather like that outlook. All in a, a unique little game and I look forward to maybe more from this developer in the future. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.


Thank you for let's play, feedback and open thoughts especially! I really appreciate it and will try to meet your expectations in next projects.