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Not loaded, black screen !!!

Sorry, I'm very sorry that the project is no longer supported.
This was a super idea, because there are a lot of users (creative people) who don’t like and don’t want to program, they just want to play games, like an artist draws with a brush. We need this program.  Just about this program, no one knows, you need to promote and promote it. Barter on the card now has no money, but they will, I will help as I can.
You had to be patient and go to the end, who diligently goes to the end, God arouses him, this will be confirmed by any rich person who has achieved everything and has not received his wealth from ancestors.

download the new executable and make sure your are connected to the internet .. give it a few seconds to load ..followed up by logo it will take you to the main application.  If it still didn't work then kindly reply with your system configuration. 

"Sorry, I'm very sorry that the project is no longer supported."

Project is actively supported... and is currently in development. Its just that I stopped posting about it.

Thank you for your kind and wise words. 2 more months I will share something cool.    


Super, I am very glad, we will wait for good news from you!