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For ten long years, one sword I whetted, 
Its frosty edge, as yet, untried.
Today, I hold it unsheathed before you;
Of you, to whom was justice denied?
~Jia Dao: (The) Swordsman

i keep using this poem because it's so good for my purposes. EDIT: let's break it down line-by-line;

  1. Cultivate your conduct. Take all the time in the world. But do it. Whet that sword.
  2. Steel in your heart, fire in your belly, ice in your veins. You contain multitudes. You contain a world.
  3. Consent. Make sure you know what the people need.
  4. Justice. The first word and the last curse.

Wow I LOVE this analysis of this poem! Really wonderful application in Under Heaven, Underworld too.