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Thoroughly enjoyable! Unlike most visual novels, the main character doesn't talk very much in a way that I feel disconnected from the story. Everyone else, even the side characters that you feel aren't going to have much of their story explored, have depth to them, so  it's almost as if playing a character of your own rather than reading a story (either that or I find the MC relatable... whoops). The music is fitting to the melancholic nature of the game. Most music is sad, relaxing, and even the more uplifting ones aren't distracting, keeping the focus on the story.  If I said any more than that it'll probably be a spoiler considering the demo took me 1 1/2 hours to get through. Honestly invested, and anticipating for the full one. Great job!

p.s. dev, I blindly sent you an email (as in, completely guessed what your email is) because your Twitter isn't set up for messages. Not sure if you received it, so can you check? Thanks!

Hello. Thank you for taking interest despite our hiatus. Your opinion to the demo is very much appreciated.

Sorry for the late reply but unfortunately we didn't received any emails from you. If you are still up to sending us another message again, our email is We also opened our DM in twitter if you prefer to DM us there instead.