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ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME GAME! I can't wait to see this get fleshed out , it plays very well and is a boatload of fun. I would recommend adding more to the ui in the mass suit so that you get the feel of being in the suit. I also think that the targeting system needs a bit of work, I find it clunky at sometimes, but I know how troubling a targetting mechanic can be even for triple A titles. As mentioned by a previous comment the melee does need a little buff, the amount of time spent using melee weapons really doesn't feel like there is any real damage done.  A running mechanic would be nice(there could be one that my dumbass just missed) because it feels like the only way to really move is with jets, and if you try to walk you are going to be ran down. Another mechanic that I think would be good to add to the movement is just a simple tweak to the jets. Make it to where if holding down space it will use thrusters to go straight up (it would make for cool rocket launches from height) and then if you want to have a directional jet jump have the player just use the normal shift+Space. Overall a terrific game that deserves more attention, I'm going to share it with my friends and hopefully get you  a few more downloads, sadly I can't donate to the kickstarter, but if a find some spare cash thats the first place its going. Terrific job guys keep working hard!