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I am definitely very deliberate when it comes to thinking about the political nature of the themes in my games. The most prominent and recurring one is "marginalized people exist and should be allowed to exist" which is sadly a contentious issue sometimes. I also tend to lean very pacifist in my works, seldom presenting violence as the primary mean of conflict resolution, and in many cases not even having it as an option at all. The engine I'm working with primarily, the Objectives Engine, also stresses scarcity and economics and making wise decisions about resource allocations, from the somewhat fantastical point of view that the characters actually have control over their resources.


Nice. I'm very interested in resource-management as a core mechanic in roleplaying and what it does to the story.

It's a really cool mechanic, in how much agency it gives to the players. Letting the players choose when and where to spend and gain their resources gives them a lot of control in how they interact with the system on a mechanical level.