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Hello! I downloaded the game today after a recommendation, and honestly I love it! Its very well made, and the characters are so well written! The guild succeeding stresses me out though XD

I'm having a problem though, I'm on Day 8, Chris Route, I go to start the raid, and the moment I invite Nathan and greet him, after his next words the game just errors, and rollback just forces me into an endless loop of the error.

My raid team needed Zuros alt, a random and the underleveled anon to be complete, if this information helps. I believe the error is caused by the random though

My error message is quite long, but I can share it if needed

Hi! Thank you so much for playing Emberfate, and I'm so glad to hear you've been enjoying it! 

Oops, I have no idea how that bug slipped through the cracks. I'm so sorry about that! I think I know what the issue is after checking the code, but having a screenshot of the error would be really helpful to make sure I'm fixing the right thing. Thank you again, and I'm sorry about the inconvenience and issues!

No worries haha! I'll definitely sit through some errors if  it means I get to play awesome games like this one!

These are the errors

Thank you so much! I believe I've figured out the issue and it should work properly now. I've just updated the build on to v1.0.1, so please redownload the game files and try playing again!

You might have to go back to the start of Day 8 (by loading a save file from Day 7, or loading a Day 8 save file with Force Recovery Mode enabled) for the fixes to take effect.

Please let me know if it works! Thank you again!