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-It’s been a week since we released a free demo for our game. Did you know that you can download a free demo of Lightstep Chronicles? You can! It’s quite short, but it showcases what the game is about quite nicely.

-The demo will walk you through the first chapter of Lightstep Chronicles. The average playtime is half an hour. The final release will contain over 5 hours of intergalactic mind-games with increasingly manic AI. You’ll also get to meet this guy:

-Because of some of the innovative mechanics we’ve used in Lightstep Chronicles, we’ve had some trouble pinning the game down to a genre. A Reddit think group, and months of moody pondering helped us come up with a new description:

Lightstep Chronicles is a story-driven adventure game.

See? No mechanics included. It doesn't promise anything more than it really is, and it doesn't undersell the game. We are open to editing this definition too, so if you've played our demo, we would love to know how you would describe the game to a friend.


As promised, this is what we did in the past week:

  • updated the Save Game system
  • worked on the audio and music, started implementing a new sound controller
  • added more post-process optimization and lighting
  • polished end scene graphics
  • added more in-game effects (particles and animations)

We didn’t fully implement the new sound controller, it’ll be a task for this week, too. We did manage to add more debugging options, so that we can test the game more thoroughly.

Next week, we will work on

  • activating optional text within zoom zones
  • additional cutscenes in the control room
  • updating the Star Map with edited text
  • updating animations of Cain Phoenix in the chair
  • optimizing scene loading
  • polishing end scene graphics