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This is incredible! 0_0

I'm making an Open-Source Civ V for Android and your tileset blew me away!

Even though the art style I've used up till now is decidedly non-pixelish, the map looks absolutely stunning now:

I modified one of your "marshy" tiles to create a "lakes" tile, and created 2 "Jungle" tiles (YMMV), putting them here for future users


Obviously credited you and put a link here ;)

hey, i was wondering if this game is out yet, if it is where can i get it, it looks incredible 

Of course!

Available on Google Play

Hey, I'm stupidly excited to install this cause I love civ :P

Also do you have a discord or twitter or anything? I'd love to talk to you about maybe helping out on more art?


I want to add Natural Wonders and the main thing I'm missing is art! 0v0

You can join the Unciv Discord Here and/or talk to me via email at