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I'm super impressed by how much you were able to get done in such a short timeframe!  Great style, visuals, UI, audio, even options that save to a file, and a high score board.  I also ran into the issue of not being able to play through it again without restarting the program, but that's not a huge problem, just a small nuissance.  I'm glad that the controls are customizable, though it'd be handy if arrow keys were supported by default in addition to WASD, 'cause my left hand isn't quite as good at this sort of stuff.  It might be even better with some type of mouse steering, since I found the keyboard control was a bit coarse; mouse might give finer control for faster speeds.  That's just me guessing, though, so it might not work.  Anyway, great stuff; I think it'd make a neat full game if you expanded it out a bit, maybe adding NPCs or other players to race against, more levels, etc. :)