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Played Val d'Isère Ski Park Manager long long times ago and really liked it. From what the first Alpha shows there might finally be again a proper Ski resort simulator! Keep up the good work! I am really looking forward to your progress. I have also some suggestions which I think would be really nice for the game to become more addictive:

-More Terrain modulating abilities (maybe afterwards being able to influence the difficulty level of the slope)

-Possibility to alter the width of a slope section by drag and drop

-Changing Snow Conditions

-Snow grooming/snow machines

-More lift types (different chair lifts, small conveyor belt lift, different gondolas)

-Building of Lodges and Other accomodation

-Direct Feedback from Skiers why they might like or dislike something or smiley symbols above their head

-Differrent maps

Other things that might be of consideration:

-Lift personell and maintenance personell

-First Aid and Rescue of Skiers

-Bars, Supermarket, Shopping and Entertainment Buildings (swimming pool etc)

-Allow to create Ski routes or Ski areas where Skiers can ski off piste