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Songs for the Dusk

A post-apocalyptic science-fantasy tabletop RPG about trying to build a better future.

On Twitter here and on Itch here, featuring a preview edition you can check out for free.

i'll just copy the pitch from the game's itch page:

We have no idea how long it's been since the cataclysm.
Once, we lived at the peak of an era of unbridled human Radiance. Then, everything came crashing down. The cataclysm tore down our cities, broke our machines, and rearranged the very continents beneath our feet. The societies of old Earth are gone. This is a new world, littered with the wreckage of what came before and run through with a strange new physics that feels almost like magic.
The world is littered with ancient machines running haywire, strange and exotic new life forms, and petty tyrants big and small vying for power. But for once we have a chance here: a chance, for once, to build something good, something better than all the human flaws and oppressive structures of the old world. And this is how we do it.

if you like socialist/materialist science-fantasy, give it a shot!