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Under Heaven, Underworld

Passion, vendetta, and justice; a wuxia game set in the modern day, with the world outside your window.

Hi, yes, this is my baby, a result of about ten years of on-and-off work and orphaned projects. Player characters portray martial arts experts of incredible fighting and aesthetic prowess, and they wander the seedy underworlds of places that the players draw from their memories, feuding with other martial artists, protecting the weak, and speaking for the voiceless. Players determine their characters' emotional states to roll and produce narrative currency, which is spent to perform actions in a stressful situation. Group combat is your typical 'roll against each other' fare, but one-on-one combat involves a 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock' set-up that I hope has weight and plays out fast.

Now available for playtesting.