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Quick game feedback:

Initial bugs starting the game:

I went to click on "Settings" but even though my mouse was hovering the word Settings, the "Quit" button was enlarged and it quit the game. Position of those buttons must be off.
When choosing screen resolution options, my screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 repeated several times, as well as many other resolution options.
Text Sound is checked (or "X"ed) but there is no sound as text scrolls across the screen.

Recommended enhancements:
There was no option for screen resolution of my ultrawide screen 2560 x 1080.
There was no "Borderless, Fullscreen" option that you see in most other visual novels.
Allow the [Enter] key on the keyboard to advance the dialogue.
First noticed when speaking to Zephine - even though there appears to be room for 3, maybe 4 lines of text the dialogue more often than not shows 1 line of text at a time. You often have to "advance" to continue the person's spoken line to complete the sentence. This is a great opportunity to make use of that extra space and break the dialogue into a more complete thought. Maybe this is a screen resolution thing? If so, smart programming to display more lines on larger resolutions would be a plus.
Having an option to open a window to see past dialogue would be super helpful in case a line is accidentally skipped too fast. Important feature in several visual novels that this one is lacking.

General feedback:
I like the gender choice at the beginning of the game.
The writing is great and I like the genre.
Being able to change the text speed mid-game and seamlessly return is a plus.

Minor bug, just some QA stuff:
· Spelling/Grammar:
·· The line "I was on a small ship  speeding away from the one I had been kept prisoner on." has two spaces between the words ship and speeding.
·· The line "Many years ago, there was a great war between the Humans, and the Fey." overuse of commas. The comma between "Humans, and" is unnecessary. This is actually a more common issue throughout the game's dialogue. I'll only mention it once here so I'm not being too nit-picky.

Thank you for this thorough feedback! It means so much that you took the time to play the game and then write out all your thoughts! We hope you'll keep an eye out for our kickstarter!