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Copperhead County: Crime, corruption, capitalism, and government in the modern American South.

CC has been in active Early Access development, exclusively on Itch, for about a year, and on-and-off development for a couple of years before that. Currently the EA period is transitioning to a digital pre-release period as the product takes its final form. I originally envisioned it as a straighter setting hack, but over the years its been thoroughly developed, playtested, and polished over multiple long-term campaigns. I'm proud of how well it works as a game on the FitD engine, alongside my work building an original, unique, realistic, authentic setting that can balance real-world issues and RPG action.

CC features six PC playbooks, three crew playbooks, a full setting, an official soundtrack in two sizes, and an intro-one-shot module (with at least one more module, a variant setting, and other bonus material to come). There are changes to the FitD engine throughout, mostly revolving around my attempts to streamline and standardize aspects of the system, update them to a modern action genre, and make some areas more open-ended and freeform. CC is also built to embrace long-term campaigns, support late-game intrigues, and further encourage wide-ranging, player-driven gameplay across different approaches, job types, and goals.