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Wonderful game, absolutely wonderful!!! The art is amazing, I'm enjoying the story as well!! I did notice a few errors however:

1. The elven prince, Cipactli, at one point says "Oh, we met outside, no?" or something similar, right before the inner dialogue "He begins to approach, but before he's able to reach me I'm overwhelmed by a familiar, hollow feeling." At the  "Oh we met outside, no?" it is not treated as actual dialogue from him, but inner dialogue for the reader.

2. There's a few punctuation errors (which is understandable given this is still in development! I just wanted to point them out in case you weren't aware).

3. In Prologue part 2, there's a moment of issue while talking to Taqtu (who I absolutely adore, oof). Instead of "He blinks, before grinning wide" being a narrative line, it's said as though Taqtu spoke it.

4. I'm a bit confused as Mukondi has said "god" before without emphasis on it, but the Empress does give emphasis. Is god a term meant to be capitalized or not? It's a little confusing.

Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I love it so so much. It's absolutely gorgeous, and the storyline and the interactions of the characters is very nicely written, your team has much to be proud of!!! 

I'm settling on hoping Taqtu is a romance because... wow. I love him so much and just... wow. Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling. But well done, I'm seriously looking forward to when more content is released!!!


Thank you so much  for the feedback, and we're glad to hear you're enjoying the game!