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Hey there KL - 

I'm sure you don't remember me since I go by different names online these days, but I used to closely follow your twitter back in the days leading up to you finishing and releasing The Real Texas and Paradise Perfect Boat Rescue. I thought and still think it's so cool how confident you were in your creative process and how strong your style comes through in all of your games. They all have this surreal humor to them that I can instantly recognize, and you communicate it so well and memorably through the dialogue and game mechanics in TRT and PPBR. TRT is one of the most memorable games I've ever played. You definitely found your groove with that one, and I can see aspects of its surrealism beginning to form with this game.

I'm happy I could support you again, and I hope whatever you are working on now is as full of love and style as your other games. Stay warm and have a merry Christmas.