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Awesome game!!! Love it!

Let's play Try Hard Parking! Click here


Just saw the video, nice gameplay, subbed. On the level 2 i am going to fix the incline. You can give it a wide angle and it'll come down. I am currently finishing on the game . I don't know, is there a market for hard games? . I made this to make a fool out of myself and my 11year old nephew. We are oldschool racing game fans, played all car games, but this is even hard for us.

Man this game is awesome! If you add more levels and cars and stuff I think it could get attention! I loved how hard it was, that's what makes it fun! The fact that you advertise it around keeping cool to win or raging to lose is perfect! Like to see some CRAZY levels with loops,fire and maybe some bomb traps! lmao. Great idea, hope you keep working on it and making it better. Looking forward to seeing more content! Oh and maybe like a free run mode where you have like crazy arena's to play around in! Man I see a lot of potential in this game! KEEP IT UP!!!

Thanks man, have taken your suggestions and getting back to work.

Dude, its time to get to steam, dearly need some upVotes :

PS: There are 2 more levels to play and fixed a lot of bugs including the ramp one.

Just seen this! Steam showed me your game on Greenlight so that's good! Hell yeah! Can't wait to try it out! I'll make a video on it tonight or tomorrow!