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I had an absolute blast playing this! Can't wait to see more!

wow, really appreciate you giving this game a go. This sort of game is not everybody's cup of tea. May I ask for some advice? There aren't many games about parking on steam. There is tgis one though . Compared to that, give me your honest opinion, what are my chances ? . Again I really appreciate the gameplay, really helps in making the game better.

I would say you have a great chance! My advice would be to fine tune the controls a bit, work hard on making more levels, and perfect the visuals. The main part I would suggest working on is just more content though. If you did eventually add in some sort of user level creation that would help a lot as well. But I understand that takes a lot more time and so it should be the last priority. And as for your question, what you have currently is miles ahead of any other parking game on steam. Keep up the great work!

wow, that lightened up my day. Thanks again, I now understand the fixes that needs to be done, back to my programming cave. Lol.

Dude, its upvote time man, need your help: