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I think the others above have pretty much covered it, so I'll just add a few extra points:

  • Rather than "OGL" as a tag, I think "5E OGL" would be more helpful - because a) it makes it clearer which game system applies and b) there is more than the one OGL. I think 3.5E had an OGL too? And so does Pathfinder, though that might have a different name.
  • "Physical game" can mean a few things. Most of what I write is RPGs and RPG supplements, but I also created a print and play that is more of a storytelling game. And there are some card games or board games in there as well. So maybe additional categories for those? I don't know what sort of labels would be helpful, so maybe someone else can make a suggestion.
  • Creator resources might be another useful category. I'm not sure if that's in scope of Itch, but I'm thinking things like stock art or templates for RPGs.
  • Is there a way to add print on demand functionality to Itch, such as partnering with another platform? Or even the option to purchase a hard copy and have the creator handle printing and shipping? This might be a longer term one, but I thought I'd put it out there.

Hope that's helpful.


There are stock art type things for digital  games around Itch already. So it should be doable to have Itch selling stock art.