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The demo is out!

Our game's most unique feature is also its biggest weakness:

What kind of game is Lightstep Chronicles?
We always announce it as a text-based adventure, and then the graphics throw people off. Everytime. It is a new breed of text-based adventure, but there have been similar games in the past. Mike Bithell's Subsurface Circular is a text-based adventure that feels like a movie, and it was a big inspiration to us during development. The cool thing is that when players enter either Subsurface Circular or Lightstep Chronicles, they don't know what to expect. It is mysterious! It's exciting! It's really difficult to market!

So, what kind of game IS Lightstep Chronicles?
It's best that you discover on your own. :)


As promised, this is what we did in the past week:

- been cleaning the playable build of the full game
- edited the log file, sorted logs and log file indicators
- set up optional AI dialogue
- enabled free movement across the ship via Ship Map
- animated additional AI emotions and set up their triggers across scenes
- worked on endings and their implementation some more

We also optimized textures and 3D models.

Next week, we will work on

- updating the Save Game system
- working on the audio and music, implementing a new sound controller
- additional post-process optimization and lighting
- polishing end scene graphics
- additional in-game effects (particles and animations)

Try our game and tell us what you think! xx