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Hello there, ExaltedNation!

Without some more context, it is difficult to tell you for sure what is happening in the case you describe, but we are sorry to hear that you have found yourself in such a situation! 

As for what you said about the Walkthrough, it's a great idea! We'll use the next few days to prepare one, which we'll post both here and on Steam.

Thank you very much for your comment, best regards,

Entalto Studios


As for the context: At the last stage of the game, you got the pass from one of the doors (behind the security gaurd) and considering you have access behind the bar, you want to use the machine to upgrade it. 

The issue lies with the fact that when you go downwards, towards the room (with what I assume) with the machine, the place looks dark and untravable, you mouse can go there but any click towards the room makes you stop at the doorway and you basically are stuck. You can still walk around the level and complete the game just fine. But not go into the mentioned room, which means you get stuck with the default ending.