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I probably do not need to say this but the best thing about this game is the art style, particularly Goatman and his fantabulous goat gait.

The user interface is friendly, however, the walking controls could use some improvement given the amount of clicks required to get from one place to the other and the accidental clicks on objects that we do not want to interact with, perhaps adding support for the A & D keys or the arrow keys for walking instead of clicking would make that better.

The story is fairly engaging, albeit the ending is a little disappointing because of the obvious guilt provided by the unwarranted contradiction between the suspect's reactions to two of the items, and how the other suspects do not suspect the true culprit. I think the evidence that points to the culprit needs to be a little more obscure so as to make the player think harder before making an accusation, and also have the other suspects be more suspicious of the culprit, at least because of his shaky yet finger-pointing behaviour.

It would be nice if the game were expanded to have more cases to solve.