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That doesn't look right! Please update your graphics drivers, that usually happens when you get an old/bad driver version :)

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It's the graphics drivers. I am about 98% sure that updating them will fix the problem. I've seen similar screens from other players before. Updating their drivers fixed.

You don't need to rename maps/etc.: it's a scroll panel. You can scroll down to see other maps/scenarios. It's not so clear given the graphics aren't rendering correctly.

> ... Graphics drivers... were already updated as could be for the machine I was using.

That's what Windows wants you to believe! It always says it's OK, even when it isn't. You need to manually check and update them. 
   1. what's your graphics card name?
   2. what's the graphics card driver version number?
I'll have a look and tell you where to update!

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Thanks for those. I need some more details to look up your graphics card. "Intel® HD Graphics" is not enough? Is it a 3000, 510, 620 etc.? Do you have a more descriptive name.

Anyhow, you can also check here if you have the name. There should probably be a version higher than ""! Generally, those Intel HD Graphics aren't that great (bad quality).

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I think I found it, please try this driver:
Looks like the driver is a few years newer (2013) than the one you currently have installed (2010). It's an old computer, so I wonder?

Anyhow, what the forums are concerned: they are open! You should be able to activate yourself, but if not, let me know and I'll fix. What's your username for the forums?