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Hey everyone, long time no update! I've been fighting off a bad cold and trying to take it easier than I probably should for this challenge, but making some steady progress all the same. This will likely turn into 30DRL Challenge for me, but I'll take the loss here and keep working anyway...


Since I was reasonably comfortable that I knew which colors were background reserved, I made the main character next. She has color options for her clothing so the game can unlock other starting books with different spells and play styles. Animations are compressed into 24x24 pixels of the total 128x128 spritesheet, so there should be plenty of space left for enemies and content, and maybe a fancy hi-res main menu too.


Building the basic object framework was next. The player is just a special version of an object, so she draws in the correct order with everything else. As you can see by that flickering top bar, turn order is in, and enemies would get a turn after every movement action, but not every direction-changing action. When there are no enemies on screen, walking around is seamless unless you cast a spell, which also has reserved turn order to finish its full action.

Also, I settled on raincoat witch as the main color scheme, because she is adorable. Works better with the blues in the background, too.