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Stand User: Rirodo H. Tomu (Tomu is first name, 'H' is short for Hawado as the second name.) 

Stand: Encrypted Enchanter

Namesake: "Vladimir Nabokov; The Enchanter" (It's a book, if you're more interested.)

Power: E

Precision: B

Speed: C

Range: B

Durability: A

Potential: D

Appearance: Dark-Blue/Cyan colour scheme robe across it's form, wizard-figure with yellow glowing eyes. It's actual body is made out of wires and metal with green coloured scheme binary codes as marks across from the feet to it's torso, it wields a staff as weaponry.

Holder Stand: 

"It's abilities allows the stand to perform various of 'Code-Ritual-like' attacks from far distances, the power behind these attacks are low although the effect of each attack makes up for it, it is most focused on defending it's user especially. It can take a load of hard blows as if it was a breeze passing by."

Forms: Requiem, Over Heaven.

It has no more forms other than that. Requiem increases it's abilities more effective and power increased around 20%, as for over heaven, it's every stat is increased by 56%, due to the overwhelming stat increase, it's abilities is lowered by 21%.

P.S; I thought this would be cool, don't take it personally this is like my third time making a stand.