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User: Bailey Yojiroju

Stand: Smash Mouth

Power: B

Precision: B

Speed: A

Range: D ( 10 meters)

Durability: C

Potential: D

Appearance: A robotic stand, Smash Mouth has a large pair of smiling lips on its chest and no prominent eyes. The stand is artificial/semi-humanoid and has no legs but freely floats in the air. It has a relatively dull color scheme.

Holder Stand:

-The stand, after touching the target, can turn the target's stand into a small object and hides it somewhere on the target's person. After this, the target is unable to summon their stand. This ability also allows anyone, regardless of whether or not they possess a stand, to see and touch the stand object. The object also exhibits the target's stand abilities, and when broken, the object returns the stand to its owner.

lmao I'm low-key embarrassed to be sharing this but it's hella funny and the concept just works, sooooo BAKA I make tons of stands and users, but I'm shy about it because, well, BAKA!