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Actually, the current build of the game 'should' support XBox controllers (or pretty much any standard USB controller). If you try it and it doesn't work though, let me know and I'll get that fixed right away!

Whenever I try to use my Xbox One controller it comes up as a playstation one

Oh! Interesting... not sure why that would be. I'll have to get me an xbox1 controller and see what that's about. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Hey! Just uploaded a new build (v.0.4a) that fixes some of the issues with Xbox controllers. Hopefully should work for you now.

I just payed for this and my srceen glitchs!

Oh?! That's not good. Was it a Mac or PC version you were using? What did the glitching look like? I'll try to get that figured out right away!

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Does Xbox 360  controller work too?

Yep! Should work just fine with with that.