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I don't mean to be THAT PERSON but I have to be honest.

Several of these look like sprite-rips from NES/gameboy games.  Let me give some details based on the (one) slanted screenshot available

I know right... he has so many possibilities to make something with an 8x8 sprite. THAT MUST BE STOLEN /sarcasm

Starting from the bottom...necklace that is the upside-down 'triforce' (4th column last row) and the one next to that seem far too similar to the ones from Link to the Past and some of the Zelda gameboy games.  In fact many of these seem like spritesheet rips from gameboy games in general

Wait what. That heart shaped necklace? Guess you are delusional because how does that look like a triforce? Guess your experience in the "rom masterhacking/modding community" isnt that great, sure I can register and keep my account there for years, that makes me a longstanding member too. Lets compare something shall we?


The image above is a zelda triforce necklace, it has 4 triangles in total, one ENCLOSING in the middle

The other image above however does look like a heart to me, it has zero resemblence from a triforce, no triangle in the middle nor the order of the 3 triangles. Alright, lets move on.

Bow & Arrow ripped from Link to the Past

Yeah I have a bow at home too, shit, I stole it from Zelda right?!?

At least 2 of the potions sprites ripped from LttP and/or other zelda gameboy games

A flask is a flask, its not like copyright laws existed in the middle ages right?

The hooked staff at the bottom is a direct 1 to 1 sprite rip from Final Fantasy 1 on NES.  Don't even try to deny that lol.  Really obvious to nearly anyone who's ever played it

Yet again, a staff is just a stick, not much you can design here.

The boots are interesting because they don't look like stuff from typical NES games

Is that a compliment?

Helmets, Axes, and Lances all look familiar though I'd have to dig and get a side by side on which game they are from.  I have a good idea just from looking at them though

Ok ok ok hold on.... I just leave this here

Thats enough rant for today, have a nice day mate!