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For the record, this is an excellent game.

Fair auditory warning though: The sound effects are very jarring for anyone who has high auditory sensitivity, for any reason (like me). The game is silent until it suddenly isn't, and the sounds are mixed to be rather loud, too. I had music playing in another tab to pad the silence, and my master volume at 50%, and this was still an issue. Let's just say that I'm extremely thankful that the player character pumps the shotgun before firing.

HOWEVER: Sound is not necessary to play! If your browser allows you to mute a tab's audio, then you can safely do so, without risk of taking a disadvantage!

AGAIN, this game is EXCELLENT. I'm extremely impressed by how interactive and engaging it is with its combat, given that it's choice-based. The game dev obviously took the quality time to optimize and polish this up for us.

I was told this was a shoot-em-up interactive fiction title; I had my doubts going in, but Sam Ursu absolutely delivered in style!