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OK  I like this sim a lot, but  little bit of constructive criticism: Please consider a readme or a menu with more complete instructions, like on how to get into the helmet view once underway.

And also, are you considering doing shader based vegetation?

  I was involved with getting motorcycles into the open source, GPL flightsim FlightGear.    I admit our physics package is a complete bodge, but you do get to basically "Ride the World, with FlightGear's auto TerraSynch download, and the roads actually represented in the scenery.

  Do a search for Marc Lake of Constance, FlightGear Hangar for the FG motorcycles and GP race courses.

   Also as a motorcycle enthusiast I'm wondering why the rider gets thrown 20 feet to the side when the bike falls when at standstill?  Couldn't you just have his view transfer off to the side a couple feet at ground level? I downloaded this about 27 days ago so I assume I've got the most recent version.  Thanks for your work on this, it would be nice to collaborate if you'd like.