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I'm having a very similar issue, but at the very beginning of the story. As soon as the visuals cut to Eysenfeld, the game performance drops to a crawl with maybe one or two frames per second; and then, when I try to advance the text, it continues runnning at a crawl for maybe another second or two and then freezes entirely and doesn't continue. I've tried the scene in version 1.0, and then in 1.1 with the anti-patch in the game directory, and then 1.1 with the anti-patch deleted, and the failure happened in exactly the same way in exactly the same place regardless of those details.

(And I'm also on Windows 10 64-bit.)

Update: I did a bunch of fiddling around trying to fix it, and after several unsuccessful bits of trial-and-error, I found something definitive: the issue happens when I'm using my CPU's integrated graphics processor (which, incidentally, I hadn't realized was my laptop's default, and wow that explains some things in retrospect), but when I switch over to an actual GPU suddenly it runs fine. Moreover, at that point it runs fine even with the anti-patch. Hopefully this is helpful.