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Last Summer at dimpsy's is a tragic story about dimpsy, a poor young boy who just wants to eat ass. as he makes his way out of the house he is told to go to hell by his father which makes our hero temporarily fall into a depression, all hope is lost until he partakes in what he loves most, eating ass. With this as he makes his way out of the door of his house his father, dying of cancer yells at him for eating ass, the same thing that lead him to his fate, but dimpsy ignores his words and walks into his local penis shaped and flesh colored forest. In the fleshy forest dimbsy stumbles upon his high school crush, ass jerk who tells him that she wishes she never met him, but our hero bravely responds with we know that's not true and blows her a kiss as he looks in the forest for more ass to eat. After eating all the ass a man can eat in one night dimbsy stumbles upon a red jewel in the part of the forest where the trees whispered his name. After finding the rose colored jewel he relised that his quest for ass wasn't going anywhere so he hibernated to try to find enlightenment, but sadly on his quest to find enlightenment inside of his dimbsy hole, do to his iron will he starved to death, but some say he lives eating ass in his second life.

-The end