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I streamed your game last night. Overall, the art direction is nice, but I think it's pretty clear this was developed by some students as there were a lot of bugs or poor design choices.

One of the very first things I noticed was the lack of keyboard prompts for the game. The controller prompts remained on screen at all times but didn't inform the player of what the keyboard controls are. Due to a lacking options menu that would allow me to invert the X-axis on the right control stick (I know I'm weird, but it's just how I am comfortable playing games) this lead to the awkward decision of having to either rough-it with a control scheme I didn't know, or rough-it with a control format that is difficult for me to control. For a student project, I wouldn't expect an extensive options menu, however, I do feel like teaching the student how to detect what input is being used and changing the on-screen prompts would not only be a good lesson for the students, but also make the game more accessible.

The combat was also frustrating to deal with. This mostly came down to the slow pace of the combat, the lack of a targeting system causing the player character to eventually finish their combo no where near the neighborhood of the enemy, and enemies still being able to attack the player even after they are dead. What made this worse is that clearly the game is checking whether the player has killed a certain number of enemies or not in order to progress to the next area, but due to the save system being borked, I wound up skipping a lot of combat which later seemed to break the game as the gate to the next area wouldn't open. I assume somewhere in some empty field 1 enemy remained, but with the really short stamina bar for sprinting, I just couldn't be bothered to search for him.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.