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I played your game last night on stream as you are already aware. However, as a courtesy to all the featured game devs, I always include a written review since sometimes my thoughts may not flow very well when live (not to mention the alcohol involved while live may impair the clarity of my words.)

Overall, for a game jam game, this is a really great game! Your commitment to CGA-styled graphics is really impressive. Mechanically speaking, it is functional. The game would benefit from having an in-game tutorial to explain how combat should flow, rather than relying on the store page's description.  I think another real shame with this game is that there is no purpose for exploration, especially when the game is supposed to be a "labyrinth", it's a shame that events and upgrades are scripted and must be completed in the specified order. I think it would benefit the game a lot if you encouraged exploration, which would help break up the monotony of doing fight after fight, while also being consistent with the game's core premise: a labyrinth.

There is potential here. For a game jam game, this is good. For a full game, it has a long ways to go. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.