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Hey! I'm having a little issue here. In day 6, I ignored Solitude's PM.. then I PANICKED I WAS LIKE NOOOO NOW I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY TO ME AM I IN TROUBLE so I loaded a savee I made right before their PM came in. But uhm, idk how to explain it really but it's like the chat from day 6 was there working as usual but the rest of the things on screen were from day 3 (i think??). Seconds later I got an error and had to close the game. Not sure if this happened to anyone else or if it's just me but I decided to put it here anyways just in case.

Same problem!

Hi! Thank you for playing Emberfate! I'm sorry to hear you're encountering technical issues with the game. Admittedly that's... a really strange bug, and I've not been able to replicate it on my end while attempting to repeat the steps you mentioned.

You mentioned there was an error that popped up and you had to close the game -- would you happen to have a screenshot of the error message or remember what it said roughly? Additionally, if you still have that bugged save file, would it be possible to send the save file to me directly in private so I can test it personally and try to figure out the issue? I'm available on Discord at Windchimes#1995 if you'd like to send me the screenshot / save file in DMs (or need further directions on how to find the save file on your PC for sending)!

Again, really sorry about the inconvenience and issues. I'll try my best to investigate and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for the report! I think this bug is a different issue from the one mentioned by OP though, as it's not a bug triggered by loading an old save. It was also reported on Tumblr yesterday and I've already uploaded an updated version of the game that should include a fix to the bug. Please update your game files to the newest version and try and see if the issue remains. Thank you!

Everything is working good, thank you!

I deleted all my saves from the previous days and started all over again. Everything works like normal now!! It might have been a problem with my save files from the previous updates? idk..


Hmmm yeah that's really strange, I have no clue why that happened. But I'm glad to hear it works fine now, though I'm sorry that you had to start from scratch and spend time replaying 😭 Sorry about the issues, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

dw about it!! Emberfate is on my Favorites list, replaying it isn't a problem and I will probably do it a lot more in the future. <3