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I think we all make games here because we like to do it, and we would like to make a lot of money too, but we get 0 exposure.

the key point is to be active in the places where there are players of your specific game, for example for the tower game, go to the specific enthusiast forums and be active there.

itch is not a good place to promote, the reason is that we are not gamers here, but developers. (with exceptions of course) but it's like i want to sell shoes to other shoe manufacturers, it just can't work at best they'll tell you "nice shoes colleague ".

here is fine if you already have a community that you have built in other ways,

I got 300 views in all the first week and then 0 from there, but I didn't do anything but play the game and answer some interesting topic like I'm doing now, which is a good way to get some attention, but as I said simply here there is no public, there are colleagues.

about reddit and social is something I don't like, firstly because after a few hours your post has already disappeared and it seems to play some lottery try again and you will be luckier ..

about streamers and youtubers is what they seem to be hoping for, of course it would be nice to see someone famous playing your game with thousands of people, it's okay to contact them but they will probably get a lot of games every day and choose the ones that suit their audience while ignoring the others, maybe they won't even look beyond description etc,

but even if they do it is not said that your game will sell to their audience, I wouldn't count on it much it's a bit like playing the lottery here too.

so i think the best thing is to go to the specific places of fans of your specific genre (forums, blogs, youtubes etc), and get yourself known there, not just put the links, but become an active member of the community etc,

personally I don't like to do any of these things .. I just want to develop my ideas and make them available to the public, but the most important point is that it is it must be a good product anyway,

the numbers never lie, if it doesn't work with a few numbers it won't work with the big ones either, so I do what is necessary to get some statistics that I can consider sufficient to make my considerations, and then I do better next time.