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The diary page opens and is readable, but is surrounded by white nothingness lol no close button present, so only way out is to reset. Happens with first diary page in mc's room and mothers room as well.and thx for the reply :)

Thank you for the information, it's helping us isolate the bug.

We will let you know once we have a fix, ETA today.

Would it be possible to confirm the resolution of your screen?

We were able to repro a similar bug in a lower resolution.


Thank you for the information, that's explains the bug.

We are implementing a fix, we will let you know when a new build is ready.

Your welcome. Looking forward to the fix. And thank you!

We just released a new beta build with a fix for the diary page window not resizing itself correctly.

Please feel free to download it and let us know if it works.


It works. Exit button now in it's proper place! Thanks so much for the reply and quick fix! Sorry I didn't  get to this sooner.

Good news, thank you, we are happy it works for you :)