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Hi! I want to congratulate you on this application. I would have a couple of requirements related to it:

- stop limiting the number of particles to 1200. This is frustrating.

- It would be nice to be able to set the interaction forces and interaction radius for each individual interaction between colors.

- stop limiting the type of particles to 10. This limits the simulation possibilities.

- please put a button to save all parameters, not only interaction forces.

- In this application, you can simulate the electromagnetic force and the hard nuclear force, however, it would be useful for research if there was an option for the gravitational force. That is, these particles should also have mass. This gravitational force should be very weak, but have an infinite range.

- Please do not limit the size of the simulation space and do not limit the zoom.

- Please make the edges of the particles thinner, as the black circle around them is very thick. It's too thick, especially if I zoom out. Why is there that black circle? Please leave the particles as they are, without surrounding them with that thick black circle.